Pass it On

Hello Hope Rock,

You traveled with me country after country. You traveled with me next to James’ ashes, in my carry on, in my hiking bag, in my day bag, in my purse, and even in my dorky little fanny pack. You heard me swear and cry. You also heard me laugh.

I was given this Hope rock about 3 weeks after James passed away. I was given it by someone who had their husband pass away very suddenly. She told me that she had been given it by someone and left a note with it. The note said that when I was ready to pass it along to please do so.

The thing about grief is you’re rarely “okay”. You get to breathe a lot of the time, but you are never you anymore. That you is gone and you are figuring out a new you. I have not fully figured out this new me, but I’m darn sure getting there. I’ll always have days where I’m more sad that James is not beside me, but I’ve learned that that never actually goes away. Those days just get longer in between and you slowly learn how to rebuild yourself.

During the first month I received so many wonderful gifts. I understand most people don’t know what to get you, but just so everyone knows, someone who is grieving just appreciates the gesture. The brownies that I’m not going to eat sure do feel good on my heart. That card that you let the card do the writing for you and you simply signed your name…well I’ve kept that and remember to this day that you sent me a card.

So back to this rock…if you follow my instagram account you know that I like words, I like quotes, I like motivation. I like it because it’s real and it’s a way to look at life. The word hope to me is a way to look at life.

A hope that the pain will go away.

A hope that you might feel normal again one day.

A hope that you will be able to live again.

That’s what that rock meant to me and that is why I carried around with me.

A friend of mine recently went through a traumatic life event. It too involved the death of her loved one.

So, after 1.5 years I am mailing my Hope rock to her. The rock that somehow showed me that life is going to move on whether I like it or not. I hope that it inspires her the way that it inspired me.

Thanks for reading ❤

Laura Leanne

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  1. Blake Stevens says:

    Thank you for the unexpected like/ follow today on Instagram. It made me stop and look and take the time to read your blog and take a look at some of your passages. It’s funny how social media has become this immense “ book of thoughts and ideas” and the profoundness I saw in your posted passages, was very nice.

    My life was filled with loss very early on and to this day I know I can’t nor won’t squander those little moments, however we get busy, we get in a routine, and then out of the blue we have a reminder show us……. thank you for that reminder today.

    In closing I want to share a passage from a book , one of my favorites , which points out the relation of nature to the flow of our lives…..

    “ Eventually all things merge into one…. and a river runs through it…. the river was cut from the worlds great flood…and runs over rocks from the basement of time, on some of the rocks are timeless raindrops, and beneath them are the words, some of the words are theirs.”

    Our lives flow together , they merge, we pick up life’s experiences along the way, people we experience, that touch us, teach us, maybe even guide us, all contribute to that flow of the river. It’s something I always think about when I’m standing in the river looking out….

    It’s a peaceful feeling.

    Sending warmest thoughts to you ……



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