What Does the Name Mean?

I got asked the other day what my “Adventures After You 75” name meant.

What!? I’ve never shared this.

Well then, it’s pretty simple, but let me try and elaborate a little more.

James and I started traveling before he passed away. We had been traveling together for 6 months through the southern states of the US. We had all our stuff in our small Toyota Yaris (please feel free to picture a small Toyota, a lot of stuff, myself who is 5 foot 10, our dog and James who was 6 foot 6 exiting this car). That was the definition of an adventure. We were not actually ready to stop going on adventures after he passed away, so I have continued.

At the beginning of my flights that were not a long car ride away, I went to the UK (a lot of Scotland). James and I were planning a trip for May of the following year there, so I took the trip we wanted to do. Of course, that once again was an adventure. It was right before that that I created my Instagram account. I wanted something that was meaningful of the journey, experience, life experience, and what it looks like to experience trauma and continue moving forward with your life. I wanted the account to be as honest as possible, but still showing the positives in my life.

I was thinking about Adventures Without You. At the end of the day, that was not my goal. My goal was not to continue my life and feel without James. Although that would be the case and there will always be a little part of my heart that aches, I truly wanted to be able to one day feel like Laura again.

So, I decided on the name Adventures After You. To me, it was my life, my life of adventure, and the life that I was still going to make epic. But it was all happened after James.

The number 75 is because James was a football player in university and that is where we met. His number was 75 for 1.5 of the years we were together (of course then graduating and no longer playing football).

Thanks for reading along on my journey. ❤

Laura Leanne

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