How to Travel Full-Time AND Make Money!

I loved traveling the world and when I found out my regular 9-5 job had such little paid time off, I made a new life for myself. Listen as I talk about tips for becoming a full digital nomad. I lived on the road for nearly 3 years and still was able to save money […]

Should I be checking SINGLE or WIDOW!?

To take you all the way back. My husband passed away a couple days before my 27th birthday. When someone first called me a widow I was a bit thrown off since it is an “older” term. I remember going to a dentist appointment 2 months after my husband passed away and saw the box […]

Female Solo Hiking Tips

t can seem scary at first to go hiking by yourself. Once you start though, it’s addicting!

How Trauma Affected My Grief Process

Today, I come to you from beautiful San Diego, California to talk about how trauma affected my grief process.

How to Set A Goal

How to Set A Goal

You may have been told that setting a goal is very important. Guess what, I’m here to tell you that it is. There are so many reasons for this.

How Do I Travel So Much?

How Do I Travel So Much?

I get asked on a regular basis how I pay for my travels so much. I wrote about it in an Instagram post about a year ago, but figured a longer blog is in order since the question arises so often. The first thing I want to add is travels can be on so many […]